Spa suites

Your very own Spa right in your suite.

Very popular with our guests are the Clifftop spa suites. Offering luxurious double spas, queen sized beds and blissful privacy these rooms are sure to offer a comfortable stay.

Spa suite 5

Spa suite 8


Grassland rooms

Clifftop’s grassland suites feature a natural outlook into the grassed areas of the property where you can see wallabies, echidnas and exciting variety of land and sea birds. Situated on the lower level, each with its own door to the outside these rooms offer very easy access to the beach.

Ocean view suites

Situated on the upper level, Clifftop’s elegant ocean view suites offer fabulous ocean views. Sip champagne and watch the sunset on the wrap around balcony or turn up the heat and watch the winter weather from a perfect vantage point.